Acupuncture comes to Elwood Vet

We're excited to have veterinary acupuncturist Dr Jennifer Robinson join the Elwood Vet team... and therefore the Albert Park team too.

You know us, we're all about quality care. We not into providing products or services that don't have good scientific evidence of benefit. Holding to this standard can be hard sometimes – because not every condition or every treatment is looked at in high quality studies. This is particularly the case for complementary medicine... especially in animals.

Acupuncture is the standout here. There is good and growing evidence that it can help in a range of conditions, particularly those causing pain. 

When we met Jen, we knew she'd be an excellent fit for Elwood Vet. She's smart, practical and has the same focus on providing quality care. She isn't into up-selling (there will be no 'herbs') or over treating (if she doesn't think acupuncture is right for your pet, she'll tell you).

Jen trained as a vet in Hanover, Germany before moving to Melbourne (with her Australian husband). Here she completed a rigorous internship in surgery, medicine and oncology at SouthPaws specialty centre. So we know that Jen has an excellent understanding of the benefits of Western medicine and surgery. But, like us, she also understands the limitations. For example, how do we help the old pet with arthritis who can't (or won't) take medications?

Jen went looking for other effective therapies to help her patients. She found acupuncture (and got herself certified to practice through the International Veterinary Acupuncture Association). And then we found Jen. Perfect.

Jen will be available for consultations/treatments at Elwood Vet on Tuesdays (10am – 3pm), starting the 27 March. We're taking bookings now – call us on 9531 1771 – spots are filling fast!

Traditional Chinese medicine comes to Elwood in the form of acupuncture

Traditional Chinese medicine comes to Elwood in the form of acupuncture