A new standard in cat accommodation has arrived!

See the new EthiPet 'cat habitats' at Albert Park Vet cattery

As you might know, we moved the cattery from Elwood Vet to Albert Park Vet when we took over the practices in May 2017. At the time we didn't have a chance to organise new cat accommodations and just had to move the original cages from Elwood to Albert Park – the cats had to sleep somewhere! 

But it was always our intention to find something special for our cattery guests.

We looked a lot of options but they were mostly just different versions of a wire pen. Then the lovely chap who accepted our distaste for cold, noisy stainless steel cages and custom made us some fibreglass ones for the hospital at Elwood showed us the EthiPet cat habitats. I think his words were something, 'You might like these, they're much more upmarket, but not cheap'. He was right on all counts.

As of the 12 December 2017, we have 8 of these available.

So what's so special about them? Well, apart from being gorgeous, they have:

  • three 'rooms' – a larger lounge area with a y-shelf creating 3 levels, a cosy bedroom and a separate toilet room

  • a unique airflow system that draws fresh air in through the doors and out through vents in the bedroom/toilet room – this eliminates odours and prevents airborne diseases

  • an enriched environment with good privacy that reduces stress and anxiety

  • sound reducing properties so they remain quiet

  • easy to clean surfaces (for the messy felines)


To find out more or book an inspection, please call Albert Park Vet on 9699 7841.


Please note our admission and collection times are:

  • Monday to Friday 9–11 am and 3–6 pm

  • Saturday 10 am to 12 noon